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In 1986 Allfix Plumbing began to establish itself in the local area of Seacliff Park. Since then, Allfix Plumbing has been able to greatly expand this area to the majority of the Southern suburbs and the list of services provided has become more extensive. Keeping with the philosophy of a personalised service and supporting the community, a small number of apprentice plumbers have been trained. Many of whom have gone on to have successful business’ themselves. Currently, owner and son work together to provide the friendly, quality service the area has come to know in the last 28 years.


Began his basic plumbing training at the age of 16 in The Netherlands and went on to work as a licensed plumber there for a further 10 years. After this he moved to Australia and completed the training necessary to become a qualified Master Plumber and Gasfitter. This led him to purchase Allfix plumbing and he has worked on establishing its reputation in the community while training other aspiring plumbers.


Also began his plumbing training at the age of 16, as an apprentice at Allfix plumbing. After excelling in his apprenticeship he sought further education through completing his Master Plumber and Gasfitter qualifications. He now works as an independent plumber, taking on his own workload, within the business, as well as working in conjunction with his father on bigger jobs in the family orientated business.

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